The Mountain House information center is a dynamic, state-of-the-art interactive environment located at the entrance to Wicklund Vilage. From the well-designed reception area, visitors can self-direct their experience by watching the information rotunda host a 72" plasma screen that displays either the continuous loop video of the community or the interactive CD ROM, which showcases planned amenities. In addition, a series of circular kiosks showcase guest builders as well as commercial and industrial opportunities. A second plasma screen and bar with stools allow overflow traffic to access the same imagery. When guests are finishing with the more public displays, a coffee bar provides a casual seating where prospects can take it all in or wait their turn in the adjoining Internet Café, where they can preview the community-wide Intranet, the website or access the interactive CD ROM.

Since the introduction of this center in early summer '04, traffic of near record numbers has been delighted and highly energized according to the NHIC staff. Now it’s your turn. Come enjoy the Mountain House information center today or call (209) 830-8684.

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